Genus Cryphodera


Females. No cyst stage. Body globose, with projecting neck; no terminal cone. Cuticle thick, annulated on whole body, except the vulval-anal area. Vulva terminal; vulval lips nearly flush with body contour to slightly protruded. Anus at some distance from vulva. Eggs retained in body.

Males. Body twisted. Stylet > 30um. Lateral field with three or four lines. Spicules < 30 um, slightly curved, directed obliquely, with distal extremity pointed. No cloacal tubus. Tail hemispherical.

Juveniles 2nd stage. Stylet length 25 to 40 um. Lateral field wiht three (more rarely four) lines. Oesophageal glands filling body cavity. Tail conical, with hyaline terminal part half of total length. Phasmids with lens-like structure.