Genus Criconemoides
Taylor, 1936
Syn.: Criconemella De Grisse & Loof, 1965
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Montana snowbank
Delaware potato

Xalatlaco, Mexico
Oahu, Hawaii
New Mexico State Univ.

Female:  Small to moderately large (about 0.3 - 1 mm), sausage- or ring-like when relaxed.  Annules crenate, rough or smooth, with round to pointed edges, 48-200 in number.  Cephalic annules two to three, smaller than and not differentiated or separated by a collar from body annules.  Submedian pseudolips may be modified to appear as lobes, connected laterally (dorsal and ventral pseudolip lobes partially fused);  lateral pseudolips present but reduced.  True submedian lobes as outgrowths on submedian lobes absent.  Stylet moderately long (about 38 - 80 um), usually rigid.  Vulva lips closed, conical (anterior lip not ornamented, not overhanging), protruding to or slightly beyond body contour.  Vagina straight.  Tail short, conoid, convex-conoid or hemispheroidal.
Male:  Cephalic region rounded or conoid, lateral field with three to four incisures.  Bursa distinct, subterminal.
Juveniles:  Annules crenate, sometime smoooth, never with scales or spines.  Male fourth-stage juveniles usually lacking stylet.
(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)

Species List

Species found           at:
C. inusitatus Pammel Woods, Iowa
C. informis Nebraska cornfield

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen:           collected:
15562 Delaware (CAPS sample)
16783 Xalatlaco, Mexico
16784 Xalatlaco, Mexico

This genus included in the Criconematid Project