Criconematid 18S Guide-Tree
A maximum-likelihood tree using 635 bp 3' region of 18S rDNA

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Trophotylenchus Trophotylenculus Paratylenchus Paratylenchus Tylenchulus Tylenchocriconema Criconema Ogma seymouri Unknown Criconematids Unknown Criconematids Unknown Criconematids Unknown Criconematids Xenocriconemella macrodora Xenocriconemella macrodora Ogma octangulare and O. decalineatum Ogma and Criconema Discocriconemella limitanea Neolobocriconema serrata Criconemoides Bakernema inaequale Hemicycliophora Lobocriconema thornei Nothocriconemoides Mesocriconema rusticum Mesocriconema discus Mesocriconema curvatum Mesocriconema xenoplax and Discocriconemella inarata

updated 5/2/2011