Criconemoides informis
(Micoletzky, 1922) Taylor, 1936
Syn.: Hoplolaimus informis Micoletzky, 1922
Criconemella informis (Micoletzky, 1922) Luc & Raski, 1981
Criconema anura Kirjanova, 1948
Criconemoides anura (Kirjanova, 1948) Raski, 1958
Criconema tulaganova Kirjanova, 1948
C. flandriensis De Grisse, 1963
C. complexus Jairajpuri, 1963
C. fimbriatus Thorne & Malek, 1968
C. mongomorgus Darekar & Khan, 1979
Criconemella mongomorga (Darekar & Khan, 1979) Luc & Raski, 1981
Mesocriconema mongomorgum (Darekar & Khan, 1979) Ebsary, 1991
Criconema sabulosus Eroshenko, 1981
Macroposthonia mongomorga (Darekar & Khan, 1979) Siddiqi, 1986

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Colorado corn
Nebraska corn
Schluckebier Prairie, Wisconsin

Length, .47 mm; a = 8-9.  Tail blunt, more or less truncate.  Neck only slightly convex conoid.  Head annules set off from those of body only by their slightly different shape.  Details of oesophagus lacking, but middle bulb probably about 1/3 neck width and other parts typical.  Stylet 74 um long, extending throught about 10 annules, stout.  Location of anus unknown.  Vulva at 6th or 7th annule from posterior extremity. Blind end of ovary near middle oesophageal bulb.  Location of excretory pore unknown.
Habitat:  Pernegg, Styria, Austria and near Czernowitz, Bukowina, Roumania.
(Description- Taylor, 1936)

DNA Sequence Obtained
Specimen:                   collected:
124095 Perkins county, NE
124097 Perkins county, NE

This species included in Criconematid Project