Genus Coslenchus
Siddiqi, 1978
syn.: Cosaglenchus Siddiqui & Khan, 1983
Paktylenchus Maqbool, 1983
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater

    Tylenchinae. Body small (0.33 - 0.65 mm), straight to slightly arcuate when relaxed.  Body cuticle coarsely annulated (annules 1.5 - 3.6 um wide at midbody, 117 - 228 in number between end of body and anus) and modified into longitudinal ridges (except on head and tail tip), 10-22 in number, excluding those of lateral fields, at midbody.  Lateral fields with two to three ridges being more elevated tahn other body ridges.  Cuticle surface outside lateral fields showing minute squares or rectangles formed by transverse and longitudinal striae or grooves.  Cephalic region continuous or only slightly offset, usually striated.  Labial plate dumbbell-shaped, more elongate in male than in female, bearing round, pore-like amphid apertures not extending on lateral sides of cephalic region.  Stylet under 15 um long with conus less than half its total length.  Median oesophageal bulb pyriform or more elongate; cardia rounded to discoidal.  Deirids at level of excretory pore or just posterior to it.  Phasmids dorso-sublateral, postmedian, in females usually just behind level of vulva.  Vulva with thick lips and lateral membranes.  Vagina at right angles to body axis or slightly directed forward, with walls appearing swollen. Ovary single, outstretched. Spermatheca usually without sperm. Postvulval uterine sac present, rarely absent.  Tail straight, elongate-conoid to filiform.  Male usually rare, with adanal bursa and cloacal lips forming a short tube.

Type speciesCoslenchus costatus (de Man, 1921) Siddiqi, 1978
               syn.: Coslenchus acceptus Andrassy, 1982

(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)

Species List

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C.  costatus Konza Prairie, 9-Mile Prairie