Genus Cobbonchus
Andrassy, 1958
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Genus comparisons- Mononchid heads
Genus comparisons- Mononchid tails

Definition:  Mononchidae.  Dorsal tooth pointing forward in anterior half of stoma; opposed by 2 subventral, slightly smaller teeth also pointing forward but in the posterior half of the stoma.  Oesophago-intestinal junction non-tuberculate.  Ovaries paired or single, anterior or posterior.  Tails short and conical with caudal glands and terminal duct.  Males are known in one species.

Type Species:  Cobbonchus palustis (Cobb, 1917) Andrassy, 1958
                syn.  Mononchus (M.) palustris Cobb, 1917

-Goodey, 1963