Genus Clavilenchus
Jairajpuri, 1966
Synonym: Tylenchus  (Clavilenchus)

     Diagnosis:  Psilenchinae.  Cuticle and subcuticle strongly annulated.  Amphid aperture near base of lip region.  Spear slender with small rounded knobs.  Outlet of dorsal esophagal gland almost 1 spear length behind spear.  Median bulb ellipsoid, anterior to middle of esophagus.  Anterior ovary outstretched.  Posterior uterine branch rudimentary. Tails of both sexes elongate conoid to clavate terminus.

     Type species:  Clavilenchus tumidus (Colbran, 1960) n. comb.
     Synonym:  Psilenchus tumidus Colbran, 1960.
                     Tylenchus (Clavilenchus) tumidus (Colbran, 1960)  Jairajpuri, 1966