Genus Clavicaudoides
Heyns, 1968
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Diagnosis:  Body length usually less than 2.0 mm.  Cuticle marked with distinct transverse striations.  Mural tooth varies from deltoid to linear.  Lip region rounded, either continuous or set off from body.  Sheath around basal expanded part of oesophagus relatively thin.  Cardiac glands ovoid or rounded.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Vulva transverse.  Males with small spicules and few rudimentary supplements.  Rectum usually more than one anal body-width long.  Prerectum about 2-4 anal body-widths long.  Tail of both sexes similar, clavate to hemispherical.

Type species:  Clavicaudoides clavicaudatus  (Altherr, 1953) n. comb.
Other species: Clavicaudoides altherri (Heyns, 1968) n. comb.
C. caudatus (Heyns, 1968) n. comb.
C. liberiensis (Heyns, 1968) n. comb.
C. longidens Ahmad and Jairajpuri, 1980
C. tenuicaudatum n. sp.
C. trophurus (Heyns, 1968) n. comb.
  (Description- Ahmed & Jairajpuri)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza VIIIAA-05 Konza Prairie, first survey