Genus Chrysonema
Thorne, 1929

Diagnosis:  Medium-sized nematodes.  Entrance to stoma encircled by raised muscular ring.  Lips amalgamated, giving truncate, rounded appearance.  Inner and outer circlet of labial papillae very close-set, submedian ones near ends of amphidal openings.  Odontostyle slender, with narrow lumen and short aperture.  Guiding ring double.  Odontophore simple, rod-like.  Oesophagus muscular, dorylaimoid,  with large basal enlargment.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Vulva transverse. Spicules large, slender; ventromedian supplements numerous and noncontiguous. Female tail long, conoid; male tail short, convex-conoid.

Type speciesChrysonema aurum  Thorne, 1929

Other specis:
    C. abyssinica Filipjev, 1931
    C. thornei Filipjev, 1931

Species found:     at:
C. aurum ddddd Long's Peak (by G. Thorne, 1925)