Genus Chronogaster
Cobb, 1913
     Syn. Walcherenia de Man, 1921
Photo Gallery- Nine-mile Prairie

Definition:  Plecinae.  Cuticle with transverse striae.  Head not offset, rounded in front, with minute perioral papillae and 4 cephalic setae situated a short distance from the anterior end.  Amphids somewhat horseshoe-shaped or spiral, situated close to level of stoma.  Stoma in 2 parts: anterior shaped like a narrow funnel, about 1/3 width of head anteriorly and about as deep as width of head; this leads to a narrow hind part about twice as long, surrounded by oesphageal tissue.  Where the lumen of this part joins that of the oesophagus there is a transverse expansion.  Oesophagus cylindrical but expanding to a distinct valveless or valvate bulb and connected to the intestine by a neck portion having a width nearly equal to that of the prebulbar region of the oesophagus.  Vulva almost equatorial in position, ovary single, anterior, reflexed.  Caudal glands present or absent.  Spicules of type species slender, slightly slender, slightly arcuate, simple and tapering to tips.  Gubernaculum absent.  A row of 9 tubular supplements present occupying a distance twice as great as length of tail on male of type species.

Type Species: Chronogaster longicollis (Daday, 1899) Andrassy, 1958

                syn. Cephalobus longicollis Daday, 1899
                     Chronogaster gracilis Cobb, 1913

-Goodey, 1963