Genus Chiloplectus
Andrássy, 1984
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater

Diagnosis (Emended)
Plectidae.  Body length between 0.8 and 1.6 mm.  Cuticle strongly annulated or tiled.  Head strongly offset by a constriction, lip region narrower than the neck, lips strongly separated, globualar or discoidal, on their inner side with one small setose projection each.  Cephalic setae obliquely directed. Amphids plectoid, level with the middle of stoma.  Mouth cavity with separate, short protostom.  Oesophagus plectoid, bulb with cardial process.  Excretory pore at level of the posterior half of pharynx.  Hypodermal glands absent.  Pair of coelomocytes one body diameter posterior to cardia.  Vulva equatorial, gonads paired, opposite.  Vagina with or without epiptygmata.  Testes two, spicules paired and slightly asymmetrical, gubernaculum with posterior process.  One to three sclerotised tubular supplements present.  Tail of both sexes similar, conoid, ventrally curved, 2.5 -6.5 amal body diameters long.  Three caudal glands present, opening on a spinnneret on tail tip.

Type species:  Chiloplectus andrassyi (Timm, 1971), Andrássy, 1984
    = Plectus globilabiatus apud Andrássy, 1963 (nec Kirjanova, 1958)
    = Plectus andrassyi Timm 1971
    = Plectus telekii Mulk & Coomans, 1978

(Description- Holovachov, 2000)