Genus Chiloplacus
Thorne, 1937
Syn.: ? Gaddinia  Penso, 1938
Definition:  Acrobelinae.  Lip region tapering to less than 1/2 mid-body-width.  Labial probolae plate-like, at least the dorsal one furcate, the ventro-submedian ones frequently asymmetrical to a degree that they are scarcely furcate.  Cephalic probolae varying from rounded axil borders to distinct flap-like, furcate, forwardly pointing processes.  Cephalic axils edentate.  Anterior part of oesophagus slender, almost cylindrical except in its tapering posterior quarter; set off from isthmus only by a break in the musculature.  Female tail slightly convex-conoid or sub-cylindrical to bluntly rounded terminus; generally with 15 or more annules.

Type species:  Chiloplacus symmetricus  (Thorne, 1925) Thorne, 1937

Species found:       at:
C. propinquus Konza Prairie ddddddddddddddd
C. symmetricus Konza Prairie

Species List (from Goodey, 1963)