Chiloplacus propinquus
(de Man, 1921) Thorne, 1936
Syn.: Cephalobus butschlii of de Man, 1884
Cephalobus (Acrobeles) propinquus de Man, 1921
Acrobeles (Acrobeloides) propinquus (de Man, 1921) Thorne, 1925
Acrobeles (Acrobeloides) contractus Thorne, 1925
Cephalobus contractus (Thorne, 1925) Steiner, 1934
Chiloplacus (Acrobeles) propinquus de Man, 1921
Chiloplacus contractus (Thorne, 1925) Steiner, 1934
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

From de Man's figures:  The cephalic axils are shallow and probably no cephalic probolae exist.  The labial probolae are bifurcate, the submedian being asymmetrical.   Vulva situated at a contraction of  the body, the lips being small and inconspicuous.  Eggs very small, length less than the vulva body-width.
From specimens collected at Greeley, Colorado:  No cephalic probolae are present.  The abial closely resemble those of contractus except that the submedian are slightly asymmetrical, not so marked as those figured by de Man.  The chief distinguishing feature lies in the small size of the eggs which in the Colorado specimens are slightly longer than the vulva body-width.  The lips of the vulva are developed somewhat more than those de Man figures.  The Colorado specimens seem closesly related to, perhaps a form of contractus.  Male unknown.
(Description- Thorne, 1936)

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KonzaIV CD-83 Konza Prairie, First survey