Genus Cervidellus
Thorne, 1937
Photo Gallery- Haughton crater

Definition:  Acrobelinae:  Cuticle transversely striated only. Lip region about 1/2 as wide as mid-body-width.  Labial probolae slender, fucate, "Y-shaped", occasionally with a few branches.  Cephalic probolae thin, flap-like, inward pointing  with plain or serrate cuticularized borders.  Small species generally less than 0.5 mm long.

Type speciesCervidellus cervus  (Thorne, 1925) Thorne, 1937
     Syn.:  Acrobeles (Acrobeles) cervus  Thorne, 1925
(Description- Thorne, 1937)

Bionomics:  all species are inhabitants of soil or humus and are probably microbivorous though nothing is known as to the nature of their food.

Species found:     at:
C. serricephalus Konza Prairie, 9 Mile Prairie  

Species list (from Goodey, 1963)