Cephalobus parvus
Thorne, 1937
Diagnosis.  Female  0.4 mm ;  a = 18;  b = 3.3; y = 12.5; V = 68
Lips completely amalgamated, rounded.  Corpus of esophagus at first half as wide as neck, tapering in basal fourth to an obscure junction with the isthmus.  Nerve ring at base of corpus.  Excretory pore opposite nerve ring.  Tail uniformly conoid to truncate terminus.  Male unknown.
Habitat- Pineapple field, Oahu, Hawaiian islands.  Grown on agar plate by Miss Juliette Oliveira.
Cephalobus parvus is distinctive because of its small size and form of lips and tail.
(Description- Thorne, 1937)