Subfamily Cephalobinae
Filipjev, 1934
Cephalobidae.  Lip region without probolae.  Lips duplex or amalgamated, with an inner circlet of papillae almost aways located on outer contour of lips, not apical.  Striae of cuticle usually 2u or more wide.  Nerve ring usually surrounds the base of the corpus anterior to the isthmus.

The separation of the 2 genera Cephalobus and Eucephalobus depends on whether the lateral field reaches to the tail tip or ends at the phasmids.  However in some species, e.g. E. striatus, the female tail is eucephaloboid in this respect though cephaloboid in being rounded, while the male tail is cephaloboid both in respect of the lateral field and the tail shape.  This situation suggests that further work is necessary for a re-appraisal of the group.