Mesocriconema discus
(Thorne & Malek, 1968) Loof & De Grisse 1989
Criconemoides discus Thorne & Malek, 1968
Macroposthonia discus (Thorne & Malek, 1968) Loof & De Grisse, 1974
Criconemella discus (Thorne & Malek) Luc & Raski, 1981

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Species Paratype
Brookings, South Dakota
Doolittle Prairie, Iowa

0.52 mm; a = 11; b = 4.3; c = 23; V = 95
Annules 94-103, rounded anteriorly but somewhat retrorse near middle of body and distinctly so posteriorly. Anastomosis rare. Labial disc rounded. First labial annule forming 4 broad, flat lobes, definitely set off by a narrow annule. Spear 65u long with strong anteriorly cupped knobs, 12-17 annules encompassed by its length. Cardia tiny, hemispheroid. Hemizonid and excretory pore slightly posterior to esophagus. Vagina somewhat sigmoid. Ovaries outstretched in 2 specimens, reflexed in 1. Offset spermatheca at anterior end of uterine tract, containing a few spermatozoa. Anus on 5th annule from terminus. Tail with rounded contour.
Criconemoides discus is immediately distinguished by the very characteristic lip region, rounded to retrorse annules and blunt terminus.
Habitat: Bank of slough 2 miles west of Brookings, South Dakota.
(Description- Thorne & Malek, 1968)

This species included in the Criconematid Project

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen          Collected:
N431 Brookings, South Dakota
N433 Brookings, South Dakota
N443 Brookings, South Dakota
N444 Brookings, South Dakota
N844 Doolittle Prairie, Iowa