Genus Carcharolaimus
Thorne, 1939
Actinolaiminae.   Anterior portion of esophagus a narrow tube, definitely differing in structure from the muscular enlarged basal portion.  Lip region containing a cuticularized ribbed basket-like structure with jagged processes surrounding the opening through which the spear glides.  Denticles may also be present in this cuticularized ribbed structure.  From this labial structure six cuticularized, rod-like thickenings of the pharyngeal walls extend back to the simple spear guiding ring.  Ovaries double, reflexed.  Spicula dorylaimoid with lateral guiding pieces.  Supplements consisting of an adanal pair and a ventromedian series.  Tails blunt, rounded in all known species.

Type species:  Carcharolaimus teres n. sp.

Diagnosis:  Actinolaiminae with the above general description.  Differs from Actinolaimus in the absence of pharyngeal onchia and in the weak structure of the anterior portion of the esophagus.  Distinguished from other Actinolaiminae by the form of the cuticularized structure occupying the labial region.
(Description- Thorne, 1939)

Species found:           at:
C. teres                        Ord, NE