Genus Capilonchus
Siddiqi, 1982
Diagnosis:  Body 1.7- 1.9 mm long and slender.  Cuticle with fine radial elements, lacking fixation folds.  Lip region offset, with prominent peri-oral disc.  Stoma sclerotised, inverted thistle-funnel-shaped.  Odontostyle attenuating, with fine lumen.  Odontophore elongate, slightly arcuate.  Expanded part of oesophagus cylindrical, over two body widths long, offset from anterior slender part by depression.  Female reproductive system monoprodelphic.  Post-uterine sac long.  Tail obtusely rounded, less than one anal body width long.  Males not known.

Type and only speciesCapilonchus lineatus  Siddiqi, 1982.
(Description- Jairajpuri & Ahmad, 1992)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
MtR GWN-11 Mount Rushmore National Monument