Genus Campydora
Cobb, 1920
Campydorinae:  Tooth dorsally mural.  Pharynx triquetrous, nygolaimoid, surrounded by longitudinal muscles.  Esophagus a slender tube about one-third as wide as neck terminating in a muscular, cylindrical bulb about one and one-half times as long as the corresponding neck width and almost half as wide as long.  Esophageal bulb with an elongate, triquetrous valvular chamber.  Anterior female sexual branch normal, the ovary reflexed; posterior branch rudimentary.  Definite prerectum absent.  Excretory pore present.
(Description- Thorne)

Diagnosis:  Body small, less than 1 mm.  Lip region slightly set off, wider than adjoining body.  Mural tooth small, subdorsally located on wall of a narrow and tubular pharynx.  Oesophagus comprising of a long anterior part and a short distinctly offset basal bulb.   The latter having a well developed and thick-walled 'triquetrous' chamber.  The lumen of oesophagus wider specially in basal bulb.  Cardiac gland absent.  Cardia well developed, hemispherical.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Prerectum absent.  Tail elongate with an acute terminus and a prominent caudal papilla near its middle.  Males unknown.
(Description- Ahmed & Jairajpuri)

Type and only species:  Campydora demonstrans  Cobb, 1920

Species found:      at:
C.  demonstrans  Konza Prairie,  9-Mile Prairie