Genus Cambellenchus

Body moderately long (about 1 mm), straight to slightly arcuate when relaxed. Cuticle thick, smooth, being annulated only in the short zone behind the lip region and in the male preanal region enclosed within the bursa, and with 26-32 longitudinal ridges around the body for most of its length. Lateral field with 3 ridges, which are higher than other body ridges. Amphids with small longitudinal apertures on lateral lips and large fovea. Deirids near excretory pore. Phasmids in a dorso-sublateral position, submedian, in female a little anterior to vulva. Cephalic region low, continuous, rounded, striated; labial framework not sclerotized. Stylet slender, elongate (22-34 um long), with small round knobs. Precorpus about as long as stylet, with straight lumen. Median bulb oval, with refractive thickenings; isthmus longer and more slender than precorpus. Basal bulb pyriform; cardia discoidal. Vulva flush with body contour, without lateral membranes. Spermatheca axial, twice as long as wide. Ovary outstretched or usually with double flexures anteriorly. Tail very long, filiform. Cloacal lips rounded, without hypoptygma.

Type-species: Cambellenchus poae Wouts, 1978
(Description- Siddiqi, 1986)