Genus Caloosia
Siddiqi & Goodey, 1964

 Female: Cuticle with or without an extra cuticular layer; if present membranous, much thinner than body cuticle and closely adpressed to it. Lateral field absent in female without extra cuticular layer; in others nearly always present as superficial markings. Labial annuli separated, usually modified. Vulva transversely oval, less than half body diameter long, depressed and flush with body contour (no discontinuity of body contour near vulva). Anterior vulva lip modified, partly overhanging vulva. Vagina sigmoid. Tail elongate, filiform.

 Male: Labial region continuous, framework not as “spectacle mark.” Spicules straight. No penial tube. A single hypoptygma projecting ventrally. Caudal alae covering more than one-third of the tail. Tail shorter than that of female.

 Juvenile: Cuticle and labial area as in corresponding female. Fourth-stage male juvenile with stylet.