Genus Calodorylaimus
Andrássy, 1969
Diagnosis:  Large-sized nematodes, 2-4 mm long.  Cuticle finely striated.  Lip region truncate, offset by depression, wider than adjoining body.  Amphids with stirrup-shaped fovea, aperture appearing bilobed.  Odontostyle long, its aperture about one-third its length.  Guiding ring single.  Odontophore rod-like.  Oesophagus muscular, enlarging gradually near middle.  Cardia elongate-conoid.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Vulva transverse; vagina distally sclerotised.  Prerectum long in both sexes.  Ventromedian supplements in two groups, single supplements also present in-between groups.  Tail long, filiform in females and short, conoid in males.  Caudal papillae numerous.

Type species:  Calodorylaimus octo Andrássy, 1969.
(Descriptiopn- Jairajpuri and Ahmad, 1992)

Other species:
C. andrassyi Baqri and Jana, 1982
C. indicus Ahmad and Jairajpuri, 1982
C. simplex Baqri and Jana, 1982

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
MN32-07 Minnesota Potato survey