Genus Californidorus
Robbins and Weiner, 1978
Longidoridae (as reported by Hooper and Southey, 1973).
Enlarged posterior basal portion of esophagus about 40% of total esophagus length.  Posterior subventral glands and nuclei (PSVGN) evident and located at approximately 80% of the enlarged basal portion of the esophagus.  No anterior subventral glands and nuclei (ASVGN) observed.  Vulva 30-40%.  Anterior genital branch lacking, posterior genital branch normal.

Type species: Californidorus pinguicaudatus Robbins and Weiner, 1978

Californidorus n. gen. can be distinguished from its closest relatives: Xiphinema, Xiphidorus, Longidorus, and Paralongidorus, by the proportionally longer basal portion of the esophagus and the presence of PSVGN and absence of ASVGN.
(Description- Robbins and Weiner, 1978)

Species found:           at:
C. cylindricaudatus Arkansas