Genus Caenorhabditis
(Osche, 1952) Dougherty, 1953
syn.: Rhabditis (Caenorhabditis) Osche, 1952
Photo Galley- Forensic Nematology

Definition:  Rhabditinae.  Lips closed.  Each metarhabdion with usually 2 widely spaced teeth which may appear hollow, but with tubercles in 1 species.  An oesophageal collar present.  Vulva median, ovaries paired, opposed, reflexed; female tail conical and fairly long.  Bursa peloderan and usually closed.  Spicules separate; usually 3 pairs of pre-anal papillae in the male.  The genus contains some hermaphrodites.

Type species:  Caenorhabditis elegans (Maupas, 1900) Dougherty, 1953
                        syn.: Rhabditis (Caenorhabditis) elegans Maupas, 1900 (Hirschmann, 1952)
                                ?R. kowalewskyi Golovin, 1901
                               C. kowalewskyi (Golovin, 1901) Dougherty, 1955

(Description- Goodey, 1963)