Genus Bursaphelenchus
Fuchs, 1937
Photo Gallery- Dead pines

Diagnosis:  Aphelenchoidinae.  Male tail with thin, sclerotized terminal extension, forming a spadelike clasping organ.  Spicula usually with prominent rostrum.  Female tail conoid to blunt, rounded terminus.  Lateral fields rarely visible.  Lip region set off by expansion with well-sclerotized framework.  Spear plain or with very small basal thickenings.  Median bulb ovate, with valve near center.  Excretory pore opposite base of median bulb.  Hemizonid about one body width posterior to excretory pore.   Ovary outstretched, the oocytes in single file.  Spermatozoa often present in uterine tract.  Posterior uterine branch an elongated pouch in which spermatozoa are often present.  Two to four pairs of ventrosubmedian papillae usually a prominent feature of male tail.

Type speciesBursaphelenchus piniperidae Fuchs, 1937

Other species: Bursaphelenchus xylophilus