Genus Boreolaimus
Andrássy, 1998
Qudsianematidae. Body moderately slender to slender, 1.5 - 2.4 mm long.   Cuticle thin, smooth, exceptionally with superficial structure.  Head offset by depression, lips separate, angular.  Stoma lining around spear unusually wide and reaching well behind the spear.  Odontostyle straight and cylindrical, longer than cepahlic diameter; its aperture occupting about one-third of its length.  Fuiding apparatus a long tube with widened anterior rindg.  Oesophagus muscular, expanding before or near middle in more steps.  Oesophageal nuclei distinct, with the excetption o f the anterior subventral nucleus.  Intstine generally folded, with enlarged cells at junction with prerectum.  Pretectum with short caudal sack.  Anal musculature very strong.  Vulva transverse, locatd near middle of body.  Female genital syustem amohidelphic; rerproducition by automiziis.  Males absent.  Tail conoid, straight to ventrally arcuate with rounded tip, as long as two to fivce anal diameters.  Distal part of tail "empty" with very thin cuticle.

Type species
Boreolaimus borealis Andrássy, 1998

Other species
B. arcticus Andrássy, 1998
B. enckelli (Andrássy, 1967) Andrássy, 1998
    = Eudorylaimus enckelli Andrássy, 1967
B. lapponicus Andrássy, 1998
B. norvegicus Andrássy, 1998
B. septemtrionalis Andrássy, 1998
(Description- Andrássy, 1998)

Species found:                at:
B. enckelli Long's Peak, Colorado