Genus Boleodorus
Thorne, 1941

(from Gereart, 1971)
Rather small nematodes (L between 330 and 720 um), mostly curved ventrally, sometimes spirally coiled. Cuticle finely annulated, lateral field with four or six lines. Head not annulated, with or without a slight depression at the oral aperture, framework weakly developed; amphidial openings more or less oblique slits on the lateral sides of the head. Stylet weakly developed, anterior conical part half the length of the posterior cylindrical part, provided with flanges. Dorsal oesophageal gland opening close to spear base. Oesophagus with weakly developed median bulb, situated at or posterior to the middle; posterior bulb not or slightly surrounding the anterior part of the intestine. Tail elongated, conical, more or less curved. Vulva posterior, gonad prodelphic, outstretched; spermatheca offset, oocytes in multiple rows; posterior uterine sac very short. Male with one testis, spicules and gubernaculum slightly curved, bursa weakly developed.

Species found:  at:
B. acutusddddd Konza Prairie, 9 Mile Prairie, Homestead
B. similis Konza Prairie
B. thylactus Konza Prairie, 9 Mile Prairie

Species List from Ebsary, 1991