Belonolaimus maritimus

Females. Female annulation 2.4 microns wide anteriorly, 1.5 microns wide in the caudal region. Lip region set off from body by a shallow constriction, bearing 8 to 10 annules and a terminal cap. Stylet with rounded basal knobs approximately 2.8 microns by 7.0-8.4 microns; dorsal gland outlet about 2.8-4.2 microns from base of stylet; median esophageal bulb elongate 24 microns (21-28 microns) wide by 29 microns (24-32 microns) long. Hemizonid two or more annules long anterior to excretory pore; excretory pore inconspicuous, about 248 microns from anterior end. Ovaries didelphic, outstretched, anterior ovary 18%, posterior ovary 17% of total body length, spermathecae approximately 126 microns anterior and 135 microns posterior to vulva, containing spermatoza. Vagina with large heavily sclerotized paired opposing pieces. Tail hemispherical; tail length 3.2 (2.6-4.3) times anal body width. Phasmid 80 microns (66-95 microns) from tip of tail.

Males. Lip region semi-constricted, more conspicuous than in female bearing, 8 to 10 annules and a terminal cap. Stylet 140 microns (129-153 microns) long with rounded basal knobs; median esophageal bulb elongate, 21 microns (15-28 microns) wide by 25 microns (21-29 microns) long. Male hemizonid about two annules long, anterior to excretory pore, which is more conspicuous than in female and located 226 microns (207-241 microns) from anterior end. Testis outstretched. Spicules arcuate, 50 microns (43-56 microns) long measured laterally on chord of arc; gubernaculum 21 microns (18-22 microns) long with anterior flexure 5.5 microns (4.2-7.0 microns) long. Tail (measured laterally along the chord) about 4 times longer than the anal body width. Phasmid 86 microns (62-116 microns) from tip of tail. Lateral alae in the adults appears as one line extending from the lip region to terminus of tail (three lines in larval stage emerging from eggs).

Immature stages. Larvae emerge from eggs after 4 or 6 days at room temperature.