Genus Bellodera
Wouts, 1985


Females. No cyst stage. Body globose with projecting neck; terminal cone well developed, but posterior extremity somewhat flattened. Cuticle thick, with superficial irregular transverse striae and minute pits between striae; D-layer absent; subcristalline layer present. Excretory pore forwardly situated 27-56 um from anterior end. Vulva terminal; vulval slit large, not deeply sunken between hypertrophied vulval lips constituting the terminal cone; no fenestrae; no underbridge; no bullae. Anus situated at some distance from vulva, on posterior side of the cone. Eggs retained in body. 

Males. Body twisted. Stylet > 30 um. Lateral field with four lines. Spicules at most 30 um long, nearly straight, directed obliquely, with distal extremity pointed. No cloacal tubus. Tail short, rounded. 

Juveniles 2nd stage. Style long (35-40 um) lateral field with four lines. Oesophageal glands filling body cavity. Tail conical, of medium length, with hyaline terminal part half of total length. Phasmids with lens-like structure. Nurse cell system : a single giant cell with a single giant nucleus. 

    Bellodera utahensis