Genus Belaxellus
Thorne, 1974

Diagnosis:  Large-sized nematodes (2.0 - 2.2 mm long).  Lateral hypodermal glands conspicuous; series of ventromedian cells also present.  Lip region angular, set off from body.  Oral opening with four sclerotised plates.  Amphidial apertures almost as wide as lip region.  Odontostyle broad with wide lumen and aperture.  Guiding ring single.  Odontophore simple, rod-like.  Oesophageal expansion gradual, expanded part enveloped by muscular sheath.  Vulva transverse.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Males with dorylaimoid spicules, lateral guiding pieces and series of spaced ventromedian supplements.  Tail short and conoid; similar in sexes.

Type and only species: Belaxellus elegans Thorne, 1974.