Genus Bathyodontus
Fielding, 1950
Generic diagnosis:  Bathyodontidae.  Buccal cavity long and thin, composed of three sections, a cylindrical anterior part, a shorter much thicker and narrower middle portion, and a longer tubular posterior part.  Mural tooth very small denticle, borne at base of anterior part of buccal cavity.  Oesophagus cylindrical, oesophago-intestinal junction non-tuberculate, cellular apparatus present.   Reproductive system amphidelphic.  Caudal glands and terminal opening present.  Males not known.

Type species:  Bathyodontus cylindricus  Fielding, 1950
Other species: B. mirus (Andrassy, 1956) Andrassy in Hooper & Cairns, 1959
B. indicus (Khan, 1972) n. comb.

Species found             at:
B. cylindricus Texas Potato field