Bathyodontus cylindricus
Fielding, 1950
Photo Gallery- Texas Potato Survey

Females:  L = 0.79-0.92 mm; a = 13-19; b = 3.0-3.3; c = 50-54; V = 58-60
     Lip region 13-16 um wide, 6-9 um high, slightly set off, lips conoid with amalgamated bases.  Anterior wider part of buccal cavity 16-19 um long, 5-6 um wide.  Ventro-sublateral denticle small but distinctly visible. Reproductive system amphidelphic.  Tail 14-16 um, rounded, less than one anal body-width long.  Spinneret terminal.

Male: Not found.
Habitat and locality:  Soil around roots of grasses from Nainital Uttar Pradesh.
(Description- Jairajpuri and Khan)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
TX 375 Texas Potato Survey