Genus Basiria
Siddiqi, 1959

(amended diagnosis by Hashim, 1984)-
Boleodorinae Khan, 1964. 

Both sexes vermiform, cylindroid. Cephalic region either smooth or finely annulate. Cephalic framework hexaradiate, with light or no sclerotization. Amphidial apertures oblique or V-shaped slits; postlabial. Stylet slender, either with or without basal thickenings (= basal knobs); metenchium (= conus) straight or curved. Corpus (precorpus and postcorpus) either shorter or longer than half of the oesophageal length. Postcorpus with valvular apparatus. Basal oesophageal bulb pyriform, elongate-pyriform or cylindrical; oesophago-intestinal valve (cardia) well developed. Female reproductive system monodelphic, prodelphic; vulva postmedian. Spermatheca spherical to oval, axial or offset, with rounded or rod-like spermatozoa. Postvulval uterine sac undifferentiated, its length about 1/2 - 1 1/2 vulval body width. Vulva-anus distance either greater or less than tail length. Lateral field with two to four incisures. Deirids present near the level of excretory pore. Phasmids either rudimentary or well developed, situated in the anterior third of the tail. Tails of both sexes elongate-conoid, with filiform, acute, narrowly rounded or clavate termini. Male bursa adanal, sometimes enveloping more than half the tail length. Hypoptygmata absent. Spicules ventrally arcuate, cephalated. Gubernaculum simple, slightly curved to crescent-shaped in lateral view. 

(According to Geraert, 1991, "Basiria species resemble most Filenchus species but at high magnification the large, oblique amphidial slits on the lateral side of the head are very diagnostic. Another differentiating character is that the spermatheca is usually in line in Basiria and offset in Filenchus.)

Species found:              at:
B. abberans 9-Mile Prairie
B. affinis Konza Prairie
B. clavicaudata Konza Prairie, 9 Mile Prairie 
B. conura Konza Prairie
B. graminophila             Konza Prairie
B. obliqua Konza Prairie, 9 Mile Prairie
B. similis Konza Prairie, 9 Mile Prairie, Homestead

Species list according to Ebsary, 1991