Genus Bakernema
Wu, 1964

Criconematinae.  Female moderately large (0.5-0.55 mm), with transparent spine-like appendages on head and body annules which are not easily seen in glycerin-mounted specimens.  These appendages are variable in width and spacing on annules, form leaf-like flaps on tail tip, and are not arranged in definite longitudinal rows over the body.  Annules 65-70 in type species, almost round.  Cephalic region of two to three undifferentiated annules, not set off; labial disc elevated.  Pseudolips not well developed, submedian lobes weakly developed; framework heavily sclerotized.  Stylet 64-70 um lonb, in type species not flexible.  Vulva on fourth to seventh annule from terminusl anterior lip annule strongly developed, extending over it.  Vagina sigmoid.  VL/VB about 1; caudal end conoid-rounded.  Male cephalic region rounded, lateral field with four incisures, bursa present, low, subterminal.  Spiculues setose, 36-48 um long in type species. gubernaculum 6-7 um long.  Hypoptygma single.  Juvenile annules apparently smooth or crenate, but possibly with membranous spined outgrowths.  Juveniles lack cuticular appendages in type species.

Type species
    Bakernema bakeri (Wu, 1964) Wu, 1964

Present status
    Bakernema inaequale (Taylor, 1936) Mehta & Raski, 1971
        syn.  Criconema inaequale Taylor, 1936
             Criconema bakeri Wu, 1964
             Bakernema bakeri (Wu) Wu, 1964

Other species
    Bakernema dauniense Vovlas, 1992