Basiria affinis
Thorne and Malek, 1968
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

L = 0.7 mm; a = 28; b = 5.7; c = 6; V = 4063

Body somewhat arcuate posteriorly. Lateral field a plain band with slightly crenate borders. Striae about 2u apart at midbody. Derids and phasmids easily visible. Cephalids not observed. Amphid aperture an elongate transverse slit. Spear 10u long with small rounded knobs, its muscles attached to basal plate of cephalic framework.Median bulb well behind middle of esophagus. Dorsal esophageal gland outlet one spear length behind spear. Ovary outstretched. Posterior uterine brance shorter than body width. Spermatheca not observed. Vulva-anus distance slightly greater than tail length.
Basiria affinis is distinctive because of the narrow lip region, long anterior portion of esophagus, and plain band lateral field.

Habitat: Soil from slough bank 2 miles west of Brookings, South Dakota.
(Description from Thorne and Malek, 1968)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
KonzaIII BC-75 Konza Prairie, First survey