Boleodorus acutus
Thorne and Malek, 1968
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Nine-mile Prairie
Photo Gallery- Homestead Prairie

0.5 mm; a = 22; b = 4.4; c = 8.0; V = 40 67 2

    Body tapering both ways from near middle.  Coarsest striae about 1u apart.  Lateral field a bright band 1/4 body width with 4 minute incisures.  Phasmids and deirids not seen.  Lip regionconical with slightly elevated perioral papillae.  Spear 13u long with strong, tapering knobs which frequently apppear as if they were furcate. Basal bulb and anterior end of intestine crowded by a large glandular body 1 or 2 times as long as body width.  Vulva with elevated labia.  Uterine tract with spermatheca at anterior end but sperms not observed  and males not collected.  Ovary outstretched with oocytes in single line.  An egg was 16 x 72u.  Posterior uterine branch less than half as long  as body width. Body narrowed behind vulva.  Hyaline intestinal cells adjacent to rectum, similar to those Siddiqi, 1964, refers to as a "prerectum".
     Boleodorus acutus is imediately distinguished by uniformly conoid tail and large gland crowding base of esophagus and intestine.  Most closely related to B. impar Siddiqi from which it differs in positions of amphid and gland crowding esophagus base and intestine.
     Habitat:  Native grass sod  near Fergus Falls, Minnesota.