Axonchium gigas
Thorne, 1957
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Nine-mile Prairie

4.6 mm; a=45; b=4.1; c=90; V=50.11
4.2 mm; a=45; b=4.0; c=83; T=40

    Lip region about one-fourth as wide as neck base.  Cuticle conspicuously thick especially at the anterior end.  Lateral cords about one-twentieth as wide as body.  Amphids encircling base of lips, forming a deep pocket.  Sensillae located a distance from anterior end equal to about three times the lip width.  Spear length equal to width of collar surrounding lip region.  Aperture occupying about one-third of the spear length.  Anterior portion of esophagus with a slight, elongate swelling anterior to nerve ring.  Esophagus enlarged in posterior two-thirds, set off by a short isthmus.  Conspicuous spiral muscles surround the basal portion of the esophagus.  Cardia elongateclavate.  Granules of intestinal cells fine, brown, scattered.  Female prerectum length about four times body diameter; rectum length one and one-half times anal body diameter.  Male prerectum extending slightly past supplement series.  Anterior uterus normal but ovary rudimentary like that of Axonchium serpens.  Posterior ovary reflexed about half way to vulva.   Supplements 17, not contiguous, occupying a space equal to about four and one-half times the body diameter, the posterior one located close to the adanal pair.  About twenty presupplementary glandular organs extend to a point opposite the anterior end of the testes.
    Diagnosis: Axonchium with the above measurements and general description.  The species is conspicuous because of the thick cuticle, deep amphidial pocket completely surrounding the lip region and the number and arrangement of the supplements.
    Habitat: One male and two females from soil about roots of quaking aspen, Populus tremuloides, City Creek Canyon, near Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza ICD-06 Konza Prairie, first survey
KonzaI CD-21a Konza Prairie, first survey
9 Mile 3-5 LP1-41 9 Mile Prairie, Preliminary survey
9 Mile 4-30 SW2-12 9 Mile Prairie, Preliminary survey