Genus Atylenchus

Atylenchinae, with characters of the subfamily. Body slightly flattened dorsoventrally. Annules prominent. Cephalic region with 4 to 5 annules; setae tapering to fine points, 6-9 um long. Stylet 17-19 um or as long as precorpus in female, 17 um long in male, conus slightly shorter than shaft, knobs rounded. Excretory pore near base of isthmus. Deirids just above level of excretory pore. Median bulb with prominent valve plates. Nerve ring crossing isthmus near middle. Basal bulb a little more than body width long, base offset from intestine. Vulva lacking lateral membranes, lips not modified. Postvulval uterine sac about one body width long. Testis single, outstretched. Bursa absent. Spicules tylenchoid, about 200 um long. 

Type-species: Atylenchus decalineatus

From: Tylenchida. Siddiqi, Mohammad Rafiq