Genus Atetylenchus

Medium sized (1-1.5 mm). Lateral fields with 4 incisures, not areolated. Amphidial apertures inconspicuous, near oral aperture. Deirids present. Phasmids pore-like, on tail, not extending into bursa. Cephalic region continuous, rounded, annulated; framework lightly sclerotized. Stylet lacking basal knobs. Median bulb muscular, anterior to middle of oesophagus. Basal bulb saccate. Cardia large, rounded. Vulva median. Didelphic, amphidelphic. Spermatheca elongate-oval, axial. Oocytes mostly in a row. Tails in both sexes elongate, tapering ventrally arcuate, with minutely rounded tip; hyaline terminal portion inconspicuous. Bursa adanal. Spicules cephalated, arcuate. Gubernaculum trough- shaped, fixed. 

 Type-species: Atetylenchus abulbosus 

From: Tylenchida. Siddiqi, Mohammad Rafiq. 1986