Genus Atalodera
Wouts & Sher, 1971


Females. No cyst stage. Body globose, with projecting neck and terminal cone. Cuticle thick, annulated on fore part of body, with lace-like pattern on the posterior part. D-layer present. No subcristalline layer. Vulva on prominent terminal cone, with thick cuticle, constitued by protruding and developed vulval lips. Anus situated on the side of posterior vulval lip. Eggs retained in body. 

Males. Body twisted. Lateral field with four lines. Spicules > 30 um, slightly curved, obliquely directed. Tail short, hemispherical. Cloacal tubus short. No phasmids. 

Juveniles, 2nd stage. Lateral field with three lines. Oesophageal glands not filling body cavity. Tail conical, with hyaline part half of total length. Phasmids prominent, with lens-like structure. 

  • Atalodera ucri
  • Atalodera lonicerae