Aphelenchoides sacchari
Hooper, 1958
Photo Gallery-Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Nine-Mile Prairie

0.8 mm; a = 26; b = 6.7; c = 15; V = 70
0.7 mm; a = 31; b = 7.0; c = 14; T = 52

Lateral fields with 3 incisures. Lip region set off by constriction. Spear 12u long with small elongate basal swellings, their muscles attached to cephalic arches. Median bulb spheroid or flattened, often filling neck cavity. Nerve ring one neck width behind bulb. Excretory pore opposite ring with hemizonid about body width posterior. Esophageal glands extending dorsally over intestine 2 or 3 body widths. Ovary outstretched, sometimes reaching almost to bulb, occasionally with short reflex. Uterus containing many sperms. Posterior uterine branch reaching more than half way to anus, serving as a reservoir for many sperms. Vulva-anus distance about 5 times tail length. Tail uniformly conoid, then abruptly rounded and bearing a distinct mucro. Phasmids apparently at base of mucro. Male more slender than female with massive arcuate spicula as illustrated, and bearing the usual 3 pairs of submedian papillae.

Habitat: Cultivated and virgin soil from Brookings, Gary, Britton, and Greenfield, South Dakota.

Hooper’s specimens originated in decaying sugar cane roots from Jamaica, yet the South Dakota specimens appear to be almost identical except for the spear knobs which may be slightly larger.