Genus Aquatides
Heyns, 1968
Syn.: Nygolaimus (Aquatides) Heyns, 1968
Nemas 2.0 to 4.0 mm long.  Bodies practically straight when relaxed.  Heads rounded with obscure lips.  Tooth linear, usually as long or longer than lip region width.  Esophagus often with slight sheath at base.  Vulva transverse.  Tails hemispheroid to bluntly conoid, rarely longer than anal body diameter.  Spicula massive, arcuate with gubernaculum.  Ventromedian supplements 4-7, low, flat or rounded, well-spaced.

Type species:  Aquatides aquaticus  (Thorne, 1930)

Species found:                   at:
Aquatides christei  Konza Prairie                     
Aquatides rotundicaudatus Konza Prairie