Aquatides christei
Heyns, 1968
Syn.: Nygolaimus (Aquatides) christei Heyns, 1968
Photo Gallery-Konza Prairie

Measurements (from Thorne, 1974)
L = 2.4 mm; a = 40; b = 3.8; c = 66; V = 49
L = 2.3 mm; a = 39; b = 4.0; c = 59; T = 57

Description (from Thorne, 1974)
    Body slightly arcuate, tapering at extremities.  Lateral field 1/6 body width.  Lip region asymmetrical with ventral side lower than dorsal.  Lips rounded with easily seen papillae.  Amphids cup-shaped, 2/5 width of head.  Tooth elongate, deltoid, about 22 um long. Esophagus expanding gradually until posterior 2/3 fills body cavity. Cardia elongate conoid, with 3 usually well developed glands.  Intestinal cells packed with small dark brown granules.  Prerectum length 1 1/2 times body width.  Rectum slightly longer than anal body diameter.  Vulva transverse with muscular labia and vagina.  Uteri usually packed with sperms.
    Male somewhat more arcuate in posterior portion with 50-60 conspicuous diagonal copulatory muscles.  Supplements 4-6, low, flattened.  Spicula massive with cephalated guiding pieces.  Spermatozoa unusually large and conspicuous.  Prerectum length about 3 times body width.
    Aquatides christei is distinctive because of the asymmetrical lip region, convex-conoid elongate hemispheroid tail and form of vagina.  These specimens differ from those reported by Heyns in having rounded lip region not set off by slight expansion as in type specimens.
    Habitat: Recently plowed pasture just east of Minden, Nebraska.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IAD-54 Konza Prairie, first survey
Konza IIAC-02 Konza Prairie, first survey
KonzaII AA-18 Konza Prairie, first survey