Genus Aprutides
Scognamiglio, Talame' and s'Jacob, 1970
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater

Diagnosis:  Seinurinae.  Small nematodes (0.3-0.5 mm long), ventrally curved to C-shaped on heat relaxation.  Cuticle finely annulated, the mid-body annules being about 1um apart.  Lateral field about one fifth of body width and marked by two incisures in the mid-body region.  Cephalic region slightly offset, rounded, nearly as high as wide and divided into two annules,  the posterior one being about twice as wide as the anterior.  There is an oral disc in A. guidettii.  In en face view the cephalic region in divided into six equal sectors.  Cephalic framework lightly sclerotized.  Stylet about 13-16um long, lightly sclerotized and with sclerotized attachment points for the protractor muscles; distinct basal swellings present or absent.  Procorpus cylindrical leading to the well developed oval to rounded rectangular median bulb.  Valve plates situated more or less centrally.  Oesophageal glands forming a mostly dorsal lobe about three to six body widths long.  Nerve ring immediately behind the median bulb with the excretory pore at the same level or slightly posterior.  Vulva with slightly protuberant lips, post-median (62-70%).  Vagina at right angles to the body axis.  Genital tract monoprodelphic, outstretched.  Developing oocytes mostly in single file.  Spermatozoao may be present in a spermatheca situated between the quadricolumella and the oviduct.  Post-uterine sac about two to three body widths long.  Tail elongate, about 34-65um long, with a clavate tip.  Male testis reaching almost to the oesophageal gland lobe.  Spicules rosethorn-shaped with well-developed rostrum and apex.  A weak gubernaculum is present.  Tail medium conoid at first and then narrowing abruptly on the dorsal surface to form an elongate, ventrally curved process with a clavate tip.  One pair of caudal papillae reported about midway along the broader section of the tail.
(Description- Hunt, 1993)

Type speciesAprutides martuccii Scognamiglio, Talame' and s'Jacob, 1970

Other species:  A. guidettii  Scognamiglio, 1974

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
HC7Bout-10 Haughton Crater
HC7Bout-5 Haughton Crater