Aporcelaimellus taylori
Yeates, 1967
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

1.8-2.4 mm; a = 27; b = 4.0; c = 55; V = 50

Cuticle with two distinct layers, especially prominent about opposite base of spear extension where it occupies 1/4 of the body width. Spear 18u long, its aperture slightly more than 1/2 its length. Esophagus enlarged near middle by very gradual expansion.  Cardia conoid with thin disc.  Guiding ring about 1/3 head width supported by somewhat refractive pharyngeal walls.  Vulva with typical well-sclerotized labia.  Relatively short ovaries reflexed almost to vulva.  Prerectum  slightly longer than body diameter.  Males not collected although Yeates reported them as numerous in New Zealand.

Aporcelaimellus taylori is immediately recognized by the very thick cuticle near the head and uniformly conoid tail.

Habitat:  A rather infrequent species from cultivated fields near Presho, Forestburg, and Estelline, South Dakota; Stanley and Minot, North Dakota; Glendive, Montana; and Wauneta and Minden, Nebraska.
(Description- Thorne, 1974)