Genus Apratylenchoides
Sher, 1973

Pratylenchinae. Secondary sexual dimorphism weak, affecting the oesophagus, slightly reduced in male. Lip area flatterned anteriorly, characterized (with SEM) by the complete fusion of the lip sectors with and by a destinct rounded oral disc. The DGO is situated at some distance (6um.) from stylet. The dorsal gland and one subventral gland forms large compact lobe overlapping the intestine dorsally and laterally : the other sobventral gland forms a short vetral lobe; the tree oesophageal gland muclei are situated posteriad to the conspicuous oesophago-intestinal valve. Deirids absent. Female posterior genital branch reduced to a postvulvar sac. Phasmids on the posterior half of tail. Tail length about twice the anal body diameter; cuticle not markedly thickened at tail extremity. Gubernaculum not protruding. Caudal alae terminal. 
  •  Apratylenchoides belli