Aporcelaimellus obscuroides
Altheer, 1967
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Species Comparisons- Aporcelaimellus heads
Species Comparisons- Aporcelaimellus tails

3.2 mm; a = 24; b = 4.5; c = 80; V = 47

Body slightly arcuate, especially in posterior third.  Lateral fields 1/5 body width.  Cuticle strongly thickened with 2 layers near head, much thinner over remainder of body.  Spear 23 - 25u long, with aperture occupying 1/2 its length.  Esophagus enlarged slightly anterior to middle by very gradual expansion. Cardia conoid.  Disc thin, irregular in thickness.  Anterior end of intestine frequently crowded by large dorsal gland.  Prerectum length twice body width.  Tailwith coarse radial striae.

Aporcelaimellus obscuroides is immediately recognized by the massive two-layered cuticle near the head and form of tail.

Habitat:  Soybean field, Worthing, South Dakota and corn field, Ames, Iowa.

DNA Sequences obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IAC-05 Konza Prairie, first survey
KonzaI BC-84 Konza Prairie, first survey
KonzaI CD-9 Konza Prairie, first survey