Genus Apoleptonchus
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Diagnosis Leptonchinae, Leptonchidae.  Cuticle with radial elements.  Lip region offset by constriction, without a perioral disc.  Odontostyle slender, straight, with aperture about half its length.  Odontophore dorylaimoid, straight, its inner lining sclerotized only at base.  Basal oesophageal bulb about twice as long as wide, slightly set off from anterior part.  Didelphic amphidelphic.  Vulva a large pore. Ovaries with several oocytes in multiple rows.  Prerectum-intestinal junction post-vulval.  Tail short, obtusely rounded.

Type species  Apoleptonchus ziauddini gen. n., sp. n. No other species known.  The generic name is derived from Greek apo = away, and Leptonchus, and is masculine in gender.

Relationship Apoleptonchus gen. n. comes close to Leptonchus Cobb, 1920 and Funaria v.d. Linde, 1938, but differs from them in having a pore-like vulva and a straight odontophore which is sclerotized only at its base.  From Bertzuckermania Khera, 1970 it differs in having an offset lip region, straight odontostyle and odontophore and a pore-like vulva.  It resembles Xenochium Siddiqi, 1964 especially in lip region and odontophore but differs in having a shorter basal enlarged part of the oesphagus and didelphic gonad.
(Description- Siddiqi, 1981)