Genus Aporcelaimium
Loof & Coomans, 1970

Diagnosis:  Medium-sized nematodes.  Layering of cuticle inconspicuous.  Cuticle without crisscross lines or punctation, but with fine transverse striations.  Lip region narrow, lips well set off.  Oral opening hexagonal.  Odontostyle dorylaimoid, with large aperture.  Distance between nuclei of first ventrolateral pair of esophageal glands much greater than distance between anterior nucleus of this pair and dorsal nucleus.  Esophago-intestinal disc absent.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Vulva a transverse slit.  Males with dorylaimoid spicules and non-contiguous ventromedian supplements.  Tail short, conoid; similar in sexes.

Type and only species:  Aporcelaimium labiatum (de Man, 1880) Loof & Coomans, 1970

Species found:          at:
A. labiatum 9-Mile Prairie